When it comes to finding a Nanny job, you have many options – word of mouth, local Facebook groups, online services, and Agencies. Many Nannies utilize all options available to them when looking for a new position.

When working with an Agency, it’s important to choose one that you are comfortable with, one that communicates with you throughout the process, one that will advocate for you, and be available to you when you need them – before, during and after the placement. Just as parents want to trust the person they are bringing into their home; you want to trust the Family you will be working with. Working with The Washburn Agency will do all of these and more.

Time Saving

Just as Agencies screen Nannies, they also screen the Families and understand each person’s individual needs and concerns. You tell them what you are looking for and they find you a matching Family. At The Washburn Agency, we will not have you interview with Families that we know are not:

  • willing or able to pay your desired salary and benefits
  • whose schedule is not in line with yours
  • whose children are ages that you do not want to work with

Access to Families

Working with an Agency gives you access to Families that may not use online services, groups, or listservs. Families use Agencies as they are convenient, timesaving, thorough and trusted.
Families work with The Washburn Agency because they don’t have the hours to spend vetting, interviewing, and background screening multiple candidates. They trust us to do that work for them.

Matchmaking Process

The Washburn Agency builds relationships with both Nannies and Families to ensure that before an interview is set-up, only the best possible matches are introduced. We take the time to screen Nannies but also to screen Families in order to understand everyone’s needs, wants, and concerns. Once this match has been made:

  • We Advocate for You: Competitive wages, legal pay, written work agreement, guaranteed hours, paid time off and other benefits
  • Provide On-Going Support and Resources: We are here to support you and answer any questions you might have throughout your placement and beyond!
  • Provide Work-Life Balance: Agency-sponsored social events with other Nannies.
  • Pressure-Free Experience: You’re in full control of your job search and choose the jobs you are interested in!
  • No Cost to You: You will never pay a fee to work with us.


When you choose to work with The Washburn Agency, we’re with you from start to finish. Once you are registered with us, we begin your job search process. Our staff provides you with valuable feedback on how the search process is going. We can assist you with preparing for an interview, on-the-job advice and training and networking opportunities throughout your placement.

We’re here for you and believe every Nanny deserves an amazing Agency in their corner!