As you begin planning your family vacation, taking your Nanny with you may seem like the perfect solution, but our experts at The Washburn Agency want to give you some things to consider while planning your next vacation with a Nanny.

Ask the Nanny if they will go on the trip with you. Don’t assume they will. Understandably, you want them to say YES, but this decision may not be easy for them. They may have a family and responsibilities of their own to consider. This will be a work trip for the Nanny, not their vacation. Be open and honest about the itinerary, your expectations, and the payment. If you are taking your nanny with you, you will need to pay for their airfare, car, cab, bus, all travel costs, food and rooming costs related to the trip. If you’re planning any excursions – theme park, boat ride, tour, and you’re requiring they go, you will need to pay for those tickets as well. Many nannies will require their own separate room from you and the children. Should you require the nanny to share a room with a child, you’ll need to compensate your nanny for all time spent with the child. In addition, you will pay them their usual guaranteed hours, applicable overtime including any travel time and many nannies will require a travel stipend for each day away from home.

Give the Nanny Some Time off on the Trip. While this is your vacation, you’ll want some time without the Nanny. Communicate with your nanny when they can have some off-time during the trip to possibly explore or relax. You understand they need some downtime and time to reboot too. Discuss ahead of time how the schedule may change somewhat during vacation and what the day’s expectations will be, so they can plan accordingly.

Show your Nanny the Respect They Deserve. Talk to your Nanny. Communication is vital in any good relationship, and you want a good relationship with the person who cares for your children. Unfortunately, some employers do not respect the nanny’s boundaries during vacations. Many employers have lost loved Nannies over travel misunderstandings. Ensure you and your Nanny agree on the work time expectations and payment arrangements. Take your Nanny with you if you think it will help you and your family enjoy the vacation. It’s not their vacation, but the Nanny should enjoy it too.

Vacations are meant to be relaxing for everyone. With planning and open communication, bringing your nanny along can be a win-win for everyone. Have questions? Reach out to The Washburn Agency and we’ll be happy to walk you through traveling with your nanny.