National Nanny Recognition Week (NNRW) is happening September 18 – 24 this year.

“What began as an effort of few now spans hundreds of professionals the last full
week of September each year. NNRW continues to focus on the positive, quality
aspects that nannies bring to their charges and jobs every day; and for parents
and agencies to say “Thank You” to their wonderful caregivers.”

Having a nanny in your home is more than just taking care of your children. The nanny
is often the one who spends most of the waking time with your children because of busy
schedules and commitments. There are many little things you can do for your nanny to
show your appreciation.

● Have the children make a card or take a special photo and put it in a special
frame and surprise them when they come to work.
● Why not have their favorite coffee or drink ready when they come to work along
with a gift card to their favorite local coffee shop.
● How about sending flowers or an Edible Arrangement on Friday, so they can
enjoy all weekend long.
● Let them off early one night with a gift card to a favorite book store or boutique.
● If your nanny uses their car for transporting your children, get a gift certificate to
have her car detailed.
● Provide a little self-care for your nanny with a spa day or massage.

Appreciation doesn’t have to be about the amount you spend, but a simple Thank You
goes a long way for nannies to know you care and appreciate all they do for your
children and family.