It is not too late to find a great gift for your nanny. Your nanny takes great care of your children and probably many other tasks around the house. Give them something special this holiday season to let them know how much you appreciate the work they do.

Below find our top 10 for 2022 when it comes to nanny gifts!

  1. Holiday Bonus – cash is always appreciated and typically a minimum of one week’s salary is gifted.
  2. Homemade gifts from the kids + a special card
  3. Extra paid time off
  4. Gift card to their favorite local bookstore, coffee shop or boutique.
  5. Self-Care basket including gift card for a massage, mani/pedi, favorite snacks, and gift card to restaurant for lunch or brunch nearby.
  6. Entertainment tickets (movie passes, concert tickets, sporting events)
  7. Updated phone, I-pad, computer
  8. Reimbursement for continuing education or seminar expenses
  9. Items from the Nanny Tees, AliceJoy Creations Etsy Shop, or Nanny Years
  10. Etsy Gift Card – let them choose something they like!