The holiday season brings plenty of gift ideas for families who wish to recognize their nannies or other employees. However, we have also heard from household employees seeking holiday gift ideas for nannies to give to parents. We’ve compiled this list of holiday gift ideas for those nannies who wish to show their appreciation for their families at this time of year.

Top 10 Gift Ideas From Nannies to Parents

  1. Photo book with pictures spanning the past year
  2. Coffee mug with gourmet coffee or hot chocolate
  3. Homemade ornaments
  4. Bottle of wine
  5. Free date night babysitting
  6. Free overnight babysitting
  7. Canvas-wrapped photo of the kids
  8. Movie night basket – popcorn and DVD or movie tickets and restaurant gift card
  9. Homemade cookies or other treats
  10. Art projects done with the kids