Congrats on landing the job and getting ready for your first day with your new family! It’s totally normal to have a bunch of emotions right now, like excitement and jitters. No worries, though, because we’ve got your back. To kick off your new job on the right foot and show off your pro skills, here are a few tips to help you get fully prepped and ready for that first day:

  • Get organized. Don’t forget to finish up any paperwork related to payroll, your nanny family or the agency has given you. It’s also a good idea to update your calendar with your schedule and make sure you’ve got all the contact details of the parents and emergency contacts in place. A great tool for both nannies and families is the Nanny Onboarding Kit from Our Nanny Diary, which covers many of the areas needed for the first week.
  • Map your commute. You don’t want to be late on your first day, so spend some time mapping out routes to work, allowing for traffic and construction. Give yourself additional time, and if you arrive early take a few minutes to enjoy that cup of coffee or read some of the parenting or nanny articles you’ve been saving on your phone.
  • First Impressions. Just as you’re having first day nerves, so is the family and the children. Bring in a new book on a topic that interests the kids, a craft project you all can enjoy during the day or bring in some muffins for breakfast for everyone to enjoy. First days can be a bit chaotic, so go with the flow and know that it gets easier as everyone becomes more comfortable with each other.
  • You’re sure to have questions, so determine how the family prefers to communicate. Email or text? Set clear boundaries about when you’re available to respond and any after-hours requests. And respect those for the family as well. Having these in place before you start the job will ensure everyone is on the same page and you have the tools needed to start on the right foot from day one. Keep a notebook or nanny journal for any questions, concerns, observations that you need to share with the parents and set a time to sit down and discuss or schedule a phone call.

The Washburn Agency is here to answer any of your questions with any other issues or concerns you may have. We’re here to ensure you are happy and confident in your role as a nanny.