Congratulations! You’ve hired your new nanny. You’ve provided them with the information needed to do their job day after day, but many parents overlook one vital document that should be provided, but you hope never has to be used.

An Authorization to Treat a Minor form has so many uses, and should be made available to your nanny in multiple copies. Perhaps you’re a lawyer in a trial, closing an important contract, or on a plane and unreachable. What if your child were to be injured and need medical attention – say they fell at the park and needed stitches in their chin? Would your nanny be able to step in and authorize that care? With an Authorization to Treat a Minor form, signed, witnessed, notarized and provided by you – yes. By providing multiple copies, your nanny can keep one in the nanny vehicle, copies on file with your pediatrician, child’s dentist, school nurse, diaper bag, basically anywhere your nanny may need it quickly in case of an emergency. Keeping a digital copy on hand as well in a shared dropbox, google drive or other cloud based storage is handy as well.

Here are three ways this simple form can come in handy for all parents and nannies.
1. Emergency Situations: In the event of a medical emergency involving the child, having an authorization to treat form enables the nanny to make timely decisions regarding the child’s health and well-being. It allows the nanny to seek medical attention, authorize treatments, and make informed decisions on behalf of the child when the parent or guardian is unavailable. This form ensures that necessary medical care can be provided promptly, potentially preventing any further complications or delays.

2. Prompt Response and Peace of Mind: Providing the nanny with an authorization to treat a minor form ensures that the caregiver can act swiftly in case of minor medical issues. It eliminates the need to contact the parent or guardian for permission each time a minor health concern arises, such as administering over-the-counter medication, applying first aid, or seeking non-emergency medical advice. This authorization allows the nanny to respond promptly to the child’s needs, providing immediate relief and reassurance to both the child and the parent.

3. Enhanced Communication with Healthcare Providers: When a nanny has an authorization to treat form, it facilitates effective communication between the caregiver and healthcare providers. The form serves as proof of the nanny’s authority to make medical decisions and ensures that relevant information about the child’s health can be shared. This can be especially important during routine check-ups, vaccinations, or consultations with doctors, as the nanny can provide accurate medical history, discuss any ongoing concerns, and seek appropriate guidance on behalf of the child.

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This information should not be considered legal or medical advice. The specific content and requirements of an authorization to treat a minor form may vary based on local laws and regulations. If you have any concerns, consult your family attorney.